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My Halloween fan fiction will also be getting a sequel. It will be called Halloween: Return of Silver Shamrock. 
One winter night there was a man's body found in the backyard of the house owned by a woman named Dona. She called the police after finding the body. The man's body had two branches coming out of his chest. A detective that investigated the crime walked up to Dona. "It appears that the man was killed with branches. We didn't find any evidence of a person at all. Whoever did this was very good at covering up the crime." The detective said. "I hope they find the killer. I wonder what he was doing in my yard." Dona said. "It's possible that he was trying to get away from the murderer. You are a suspect." The detective said. "Me?" Dona said. "You're under arrest." The detective said. The detecive handcuffed Dona and put her in a police car.

A few local children built a snowman outside of their home. When the children went into their house the snowman's arm started moving. It made a fist with it's hand. A man saw the snowman move. The snowman grabbed it's carrot nose and shoved it into the man's eye. The snowman then shoved it's arm in the man's throat. A woman ran out of the house. "Did that snowman just kill a man?" The woman asked. The kids walked out and saw the man dead. They ran to the woman.

The detective got a call about the new murder. An officer walked in. "You got a second?" The officer asked. "Yeah, do you have any information about the case?" The detecive asked. "Yes, I do. I saw snowmen come to life earlier. I even witnessed a few murders. I barely got away. The murders are snowmen." The officer said. "You're telling me that snowmen are coming to life and killing people? I'm sorry, but I don't believe you." The detective said. "Don't say I didn't warn you. They're pure evil." The officer said.

A reporter was standing outside. "It appears that there's been some new details of the recent murders lately. People have been claiming snowmen are coming to life and murdering people. Even an officer claimed this." The reporter said. After the news left a snowman came to life. It picked up a knife that was on the ground. The detective walked up to the snowman. "I don't get how a snowman could come to life. I see someone is trying to scare me by having this one hold a knife." The detective said. The snowman suddenly stabs the detective in the gut four times. The other officer shot at the snowman. The snowman started bleeding. "What the hell?" The officer said.

A man walked in the police station. He was covered in bandages and wore a hooded sweat shirt. He bailed Dona out. He decided to give her a ride home. "Thanks for bailing me out and giving me a ride." Dona said. "You're welcome. I know you're innocent. The real murderer was a snowman. They've been coming to life and murdering people." The man said. "What?" Dona said. "I know because I'm one of them. I use these bandages to look more human and I wish I could be human." The man said. "What's your name, sir? Dona asked. "I don't have one." The man said.

At Dona's house the man took off his bandages confirming he is a snowman, but he had human eyes. "How is this possible?" Dona asked. "I was born from the snow, but unlike the others I gained a personality. I murdered someone and stole their eyes. I began realizing what I did was wrong shortly after, but the eyes became part of me. I started to feel more human. I even sprouted legs and real arms. I decided to wear these bandages to be shaped like a human and betray the snowmen." He said. "Let's call you Gelatus." Dona said. "I like that name." He said.

The police department decided to get a once retired detective that decided to be a detective again after all these years. "My name is Charles Rygers. I've seen weird things happen in my life so I'm prepared for anything." Charles said. An officer showed Charles photos of bodies killed by snowmen. "It's believed these snowmen are coming to life and murdering people." The officer said. "Got it. Tell the citizens to not build snowmen." Charles said. "You actually believe this story?" The officer said. "Yes, I've seen much stranger things before." Charles said.

Gelatus started killing snowmen. Charles walked up to him. "Hey, I'd like to talk to you." Charles said. Gelatus put his hands up. "I'm not here to arrest you, son. I just wanted to ask you a few questions." Charles said. "Okay. Go ahead." Gelatus said. "Have you witnessed any snowmen coming to life and murdering people?" Charles asked. "Actually, yes. You won't like what I'm about to tell you. I am a snowman myself, but I've gained a personality and now want to help stop the snowmen." Gelatus said. Charles got out his gun. "I have to kill you. I've let evil control my life before. I'm not doing it again." Charles said. "I'm no longer evil." Gelatus said. Charles put his gun down. Suddenly a snowman's arms went through Charles. Charles screamed. Gelatus grabbed Charles' gun and started shooting the snowman. The snowman died. Gelatus took off his bandages to stop Charles from bleeding. Dona walked outside. "We need to get this man to the hospital." Gelatus said. "But your bandages." Dona said. "Saving this man's life means more to me." Gelatus said. They put Charles in the back of Dona's car and drove to the hospital as fast as they could.

At the hospital Charles went to the emergency room. A man walked into the room. "Hello, Mr. Rygers. I'm here to kill you." The man said. "You should know that I'm a police officer. If you murder me they'll put you in prison for sure." Charles said. The man pointed a gun. "This is for the snowman. I'm their leader." The man said. The man shot Charles in the head three times.

Gelatus saw the man walk out. "It's the man that gave us snowmen life. His name is Opifex." Gelatus said. Opifex walked up to Gelatus. Gelatus stood there. "Why have you betrayed me? I gave you life and you use it to kill other snowmen and save human lives? You disgust me." Opifex said. "I've gained a personality, Master." Gelatus said. "That's horrible. I'm afraid I'll have to kill you. See snowmen aren't supposed to have any personality other then wanting to kill humans. It sounds like you don't even want to do that." Opifex said. Dona ran up to Opifex with a knife. "If you kill him I'll kill you." Dona said. "Go ahead and try. I'm no mere human. A knife won't kill me." Opifex said. Dona tried to stab Opifex, but Opifex reversed it breaking Dona's arm in the process. Dona ran into the passanger's side of the car. Gelatus got into the driver's seat. "You're hurt. I'm okay to drive though. We'll come right back to the hospital right after we lose Opifex." Gelatus said.

They drove miles away. They started to run out of gas so they pulled over. Opifex showed up again. He suddenly turned into a yedi. He picked up a car and crushed Dona. Gelatus got out a match and lit Opifex on fire. Opifex started to pass out from pain. He turned back into a human. "You have become what I was afraid of. You kill other snowmen. You help humans and now you're going to kill me. You are a special snowman though. You get to have the opportunity to have a personality. I was once like you before. I was also born from the snow." Opifex said. Gelatus stabbed Opifex. "This is the end for you." Gelatus said. Opifex summoned an army of snowmen. "Avenge me, snowmen. Kill this traitor." Opifex said before dying. Opifex's body turned into water. Gelatus fought off the other snowmen. His hands started lighting up. A spirit appeared in front of Gelatus. "You have defeated Opifex and his snowmen. You have a gift. You've overcame his control and gained a personality. Opifex was once a snowman that came to life too. However, he chose to use his power for evil. Now you'll have Opifex's powers and you'll be the master of the snowmen." The spirit said. Gelatus turned into a human. "I'm human." Gelatus said.

That night Gelatus used his powers to create a snowman and put Dona's spirit inside of it. "What happened?" Dona asked. "Opifex crushed you with a car, but I killed him & now have his powers. Unfortunately, I had to put you in a snowman's body to bring you to life." Gelatus said. "That's perfectly fine with me. I got to live my life as a human. You never got to. Good thing you now can." Dona said. Gelatus brought snowmen to life, but let them have personalities.
Winter: Snowmen
The Winter anthology continues with snowmen. Murderous snowmen that come to life. This is also the return of Charles Rygers from my series Insanity…
There will be a part 2 of my fan fiction Resident Evil: The Unknown Survivor
I see deviantART now has a status option
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I'm just wondering if anyone would like to read my Resident Evil fan fiction. It's based around the video game/main continuity, but instead of having characters from the game it has only original characters. It takes place during the Raccoon City incident, but in the point of view of civilians.

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Dan Culver
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My name is Daniel Culver, but most of my friends call me Dan. I'm 2 years of age. I'm straight, but I have no problem with people that aren't. I'm a wrestling fan. I'm the founder of the group WrestlingFans. I was a High School wrestler. I'm now a high school graduate. I'm also the former news correspondent & current co-host for Off the Rails (formerly OFF the ROPES & Off the Ropes Dot Net).

Current Residence: Land of Confusion
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